150M+ Merchants

The card for all your Web3 needs.

The Solana Card

For purchases online. Instantly create and top-up your SolCard with SOL and enjoy hassle-free online shopping.

Need to make a purchase right now but don't want to spend your IRL cash?

SolCard facilitates your shopping experience at most retailers with high approval rates.

No Annual Fees

Unlike most cards, SolCard doesn't have any annual fees nor hidden charges.

Automatic Conversion

Deposit SOL on your card and have it deposited on your card as USD. All within a few minutes.

Revolutionizing the shopping experience.

Built with user experience in mind

Top-up seamlessly

With 5% fees only, topping up your SolCard is easy.

Regret topping up?

Request a refund through the dashboard.

SolCard Integrations

Merchants supported from all over the world.

supported merchants

SolCard-approved merchants.

Unlock spending possibilities

Use your digital SolCard virtually anywhere online.

Top-up with Solana

Solana is fast, and so should be your SolCard. Top-up anytime!

$SOLC Token Backing

SolCard is fully backed by it's token: $SOLC.

No annual fee
Simply Apply Process
Refund anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

SolCard is a revolutionary product, and like such, questions may arise.

Why haven't I still received my card?
What are the SolCard fees?
What is the minimum top-up for the card?
How secure is SolCard?
Are there limits to the SolCard?
Why is my SolCard not working on this merchant?