Token Address: DLUNTKRQt7CrpqSX1naHUYoBznJ9pvMP65uCeWQgYnRK


$SOLC counts with 0% Buy and Sell fees

/ Treasury and Operations

10% of the supply is treasured for operational costs down the line. (View Roadmap below)

Multi-Sig Treasury
Multiple Core Contributors
/ Branding & Marketing

10% is committed towards SolCard brand awareness and multi-niche marketing.

Contact for Partnership
World Class Security
Top notch Artists and Designers

Welcome to $SOLC, the token backing SolCard operations.

$SOLC Roadmap

Our Roadmap

Phase 1 | Q1 2024

1. $SOLC Token Launch

SolCard's official token release.

1. Establishing website and socials

For ample community discoverability, $SOLC establishes it's mediums of communication.

2. Raydium Fair-Launch

With 15 SOL LP (burned), $SOLC aims to reach the top trending charts within a few hours of release.

3. Securing Listings

With $SOLC deployed, the team will seek CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko for token listings.

CMC Ticket #867758

Phase 2 | Q1 2024

2. Product Release

SolCard's official release.

1. Order your SolCard

SolCard will be released and publicly available to everyone.

2. Top-up with Solana

Once SolCard is released, every user will be able to easily top-up their card with a SOL deposits. Eventually $SOLC deposits will also be supported.

3. Spend away!

With your SolCard in hands, you can start spending at your favorite merchants.

Phase 3 | Q2 2024

3. Marketing Outreach

With a working product in hands and a token symbolizing SolCard's revolutionary success, a strong marketing outreach will be done.

1. Influencer-based marketing.

Influencers are at the core of every chain ecosystem, and it's no exception for SolCard. Partnership deals are to come.

2. Reputational Thread

Trust and reliability are paramount. The SolCard team will build a reputations thread so people can share their experiences using the SolCard.

3. Exchange Listings

With marketing + trust established, $SOLC is ready to venture into the CEX world, by securing listings on every exchange available.

Phase 4 | Q2 2024

4. Holders' Cashback

Still unreleased, $SOLC's holders' cashback program will allow token holders to enjoy money back on SolCard purchases.

Stake $SOLC and earn cashback

$SOLC holders will be able to stake their tokens directly from the SolCard dashboard and instantly enable cashback.

Tier-based cashback structure

Do you want to enjoy maximum cashback? With tier-based cashback, you'll get up to 8% cashback, depending on how many $SOLC's you've staked.

Choose your yield token/currency

Between $SOLC and SOL, eligible users will be able to choose how the SolCard cashback is credited onto your account.

Phase 5 | TBA

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Frequently Asked Questions

SolCard is a revolutionary product, and like such, questions may arise.

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